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The Promise of Amida Buddha is the 1st whole English translation of a seminal choice of writings by means of the japanese natural Land school's founder, Honen-shonin (1133-1212). The so-called Japanese Anthology (Wago Toroku) collects his surviving brief writings composed in eastern, together with letters of exhortation and public pronouncements. The very important writings supply a window into Honen's existence and the turbulent period within which he lived and taught.

Honen-shonin, who lived in Japan within the 12th century, observed that the complexity of conventional Buddhist practices made them inaccessible to humans outdoor the monastic elite. Drawing at the chinese language natural Land culture, he re-imagined natural Land perform for Japan and ushered in a brand new and dynamic perform that keeps right this moment. In our degenerate age, says Honen, we won't wish to arrive enlightenment through the practices hired by way of the Buddhist masters of previous. For us there's just one road to liberation--rebirth within the natural Land of Amida, from whence our growth is irreversible and our final unlock guaranteed. The natural Land is a heavenly vacation spot made occur throughout the natural vow of Amida to save lots of all beings, and we safe passage to this land in our subsequent existence via natural religion in Amida on the very second of demise. The perform of religion in Amida is played via nembutsu, the continuous recitation of the chant Namu Amida Butsu, which bonds us to Amida and brings us into his care.

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1163Another nice hearth breaks out in Kyōto. 1165Kōfuku-ji Temple is attacked through the clergymen of Enryaku-ji Temple. 1166Another nice hearth breaks out in Kyōto. 1167Taira no Kiyomori is appointed because the leader minister of the nation. 1168February: nearly thousand homes in Kyōto are destroyed by way of fireplace. April: Eisai is going to China. 1169Emperor Go-Shirakawa enters the priesthood. 1170The retired Emperor Go-Shirakawa and Taira no Kiyomori obtain the Mahāyāna Buddhist precepts. 1171Shinkan-bō Kansei turns into Hōnen’s disciple. 1175Spring: Hōnen establishes the Jōdo university in accordance with Shan-tao’s natural Land suggestion. Hōnen then leaves Kurodani and is going to Higashiyama Yoshimizu in Kyōto. 1176The retired Emperor Go-Shirakawa gets Mahāyāna Buddhist precepts at Enryaku-ji Temple. 1177Yūren-bō Enshō dies. 1179Hōnen preaches the nembutsu doctrine to Jōsaimon-in. 1180Minamoto no Yoritomo assaults Taira. Taira no Shigehira burns down either Tōdai-ji Temple and Kōfuku-ji Temple, that are supported by way of the Minamoto extended family. 1181Hōnen is called to oversee fundraising to rebuild Tōdai-ji Temple yet declines to take action. Taira no Kiyomori dies. Famine spreads all around the nation. 1182Death by means of famine overwhelms Kyōto. 1183Minamoto no Yoshinaka invades Kyōto. 1184Minamoto no Yoshitsune enters Kyōto. 1185The Taira extended family is defeated through the home of Minamoto. identical to the good Buddha at Tōdai-ji Temple is enshrined. 1186Autumn: Hōnen engages in a public dialogue at the teachings of nembutsu sooner than an viewers of roughly 300, together with top clergymen of the holy gate, at Shōrin-in Temple in Ōhara, Kyōto. 1187Eisai is going to China a moment time. 1189Kujō Kanezane, the manager minister of the country, turns into one among Hōnen’s so much ardent supporters and gets Mahāyāna Buddhist precepts from Hōnen in August. 1190Hōnen preaches the lessons of the 3 sutras of natural Land Buddhism at Tōdai-ji Temple. 1191March: Hōnen solutions ten questions posed by way of Chōgen concerning the attainment of delivery within the natural Land in the course of the recitation of nembutsu. Eisai returns from China and introduces Rinzai Zen. 1192Emperor Go-Shirakawa dies. The Kamakura interval starts. Kumagai no Naozane turns into Hōnen’s disciple. 1195September: Seikan-bō Genchi turns into Hōnen’s disciple. Hōnen replies to Tsuto no Saburō via letters. 1197Benchō, a succesor to Hōnen, turns into Hōnen’s disciple. 1198Hōnen compiles his significant paintings, assortment on Nembutsu, on the request of Kanezane. Hōnen usually attains the last word non secular kingdom via nembutsu. Jōkaku-bō Kōsai turns into Hōnen’s disciple. 1199February: Hōnen conveys the gathering on Nembutsu to Benchō. Minamoto no Yoritomo dies. 1200September: Over 3 days Hōnen provides Mahāyāna precepts to the spouse of Kanezane. 1201March: Shinran, the founding father of Jōdo Shin Shū, turns into Hōnen’s disciple. Hōnen conducts a discussion on a hundred and forty issues concerning beginning within the natural Land via nembutsu. 1202December: Kanezane turns into ordained less than the supervision of Hōnen. Chōsai turns into Hōnen’s disciple. 1204March: Hōnen conveys the gathering on Nembutsu to Ryūkan (possibly in 1206).

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