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By Brian Jacques

New York Times bestselling writer Brian Jacques masterfully recounts extra forest adventures in the 7th epic within the Redwall series!

It has been 4 seasons due to the fact Mariel, the warrior-mouse daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker, and her significant other, Dandin, trigger from Redwall to struggle evil in Mossflower. not anything has been heard of them considering. Then one evening, in a dream, the mythical Martin the Warrior involves the Bellmaker with a mysterious message. truly, Mariel and Dandin are in grave threat. Joseph and 4 Redwallers trigger straight away to help them. As they push over land and sea, they can not comprehend the negative threats they face. Will the Bellmaker and his partners arrive in time to assist Mariel and Dandin?

"This is storytelling at its best."—School Library Journal

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Waving it half-heartedly, he attempted a timid growl. ‘Grr, how does that sound, Durry? ’ ‘Garrooohaharroogurrrrr! ’ the dual blades of Finnbarr Galedeep’s curved swords flashed in entrance of Rufe’s startled eyes. Then, quickly sheathing either blades, the large sea otter ruffled the younger squirrel’s ears playfully. ‘Do it like that, matey, exhibit ’em y’mean company an’ don’t be ’arf ’earted approximately it. You’ll do alright. ’ Darkness fell as they made a last chilly meal of oat-scones, cheese and cider – no fires have been allowed to pinpoint their place within the dunes on the shore aspect. Sentries have been published when the remaining lay attempting to thieve a short nap, every one with their ideas of what awaited them the place the 2 ships lay at anchor round the headland. would it not be a speedy victory and a very good send, or a flawed plan finishing in trap and loss of life, or slavery on the merciless claws of searats? A three-quarter moon shimmered over the stressed sea within the tender summerdark because the time drew in the direction of middle of the night. nine sunrise HAD ALREADY damaged over Southsward while Furpp referred to as of his grandchildren to help him. ‘Yurr Burdill, you an’ Grumbee stir ee stumps, us’n’s needs to take ee brekkist to our pals. ’ Burdill shook his velvety head. ‘Hurr granfer, they’m a’ready be gonned. Miz Mariel, she’m roused t’ others lengthy due to the fact, me an’ Grumbee packed ’em a brekkist to consume on ee means. ’ Furpp inspected his digging claws heavily, within the manner that a few older moles will do while deep in proposal. He nodded decisively, then patted the 2 small moles. ‘Gudd gudd, ee did woisely, either o’ you’m h’infants. Hurr, tho’ oi wanders whurr they be agone to? ’ ‘Oi did ’ear ee gurt rabbet Meld’n say as they wurr eckertoimerin,’ Grumbee piped up. Furpp blinked down on the child. ‘Eckertoimerin, hoo arr, that sounds noice, tho’ oi be wunderin’ wot ee potential, eckertoimerin? ’ Had the moles been capable of pronounce the be aware accurately they might have identified that Mariel, Dandin and Bowly had long gone out on a reconnoitring journey with Meldrum and his leveret squad. Meldrum the significant used to be accustomed to the terrain, he defined as they strode south over the hills. ‘Best path to Floret’s this fashion, see a flow forward quickly, take that path, may meet a few otters, wot? necessary coves, otters, may perhaps get a few details from them approximately this confounded Foxwolf thingee. Reconnoitre an’ assemble details, that’s what I continually say, eh? ’ Mariel, whose concept it have been within the first position, nodded contract as they crested the forehead of a big sandhill. On an impulse she unfold her paws, preventing them from carrying on with extra. ‘Hold it, did you're feeling the floor a piece shaky then? I did. ’ Bowly crept below her outstretched paws, then after venturing a piece extra at the hilltop, he tip-pawed gingerly again. ‘Yore correct, it’s like an excellent over’angin’ sandcliff we’re stannin’ on, top flow again afore it collapses! ’ Meldrum waggled his ears and sniffed. ‘Don’t commit it to memory bein’ like that earlier than, little bit of it slow given that I’ve been during this neck o’ the woods, doncha understand.

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