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By Osborne Russell

In 1830, 16-year-old Osborne Russell left his Maine farm and ran away to sea. He didn't love it. He ended up becoming a member of an excursion headed to Oregon in terms of the Rocky Mountains. alongside the way in which he obtained the abilities worthy for survival within the mountains. He additionally discovered the Snake language, hunted buffalo, and trapped beaver, searched for new trails west, and stored a magazine that kinds the root of this vigorously real ebook. The descriptions are so exact that modern readers are utilizing the booklet to retrace Russell's footsteps!

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This stream-of-many-names used to be known as the 'Philanthropy” by means of Lewis and Clark, whereas the trappers spoke of it occasionally through that identify and occasionally because the “Stinkingwater. ” either names disappeared with the fur exchange period, and the maps accompanying the Pacific Railroad Surveys use the identify of “Hooked guy Cr. ” for the circulate. notwithstanding, the early settlers most well liked to name it the “Passamari River” and it's so proven at the topographic map ready via the Geological Survey in 1893 (Dillon Quadrangle). 70 — OSBORNE R USSELL Beaver Head Creek116 approximately 30 mls in a west path tomorrow we went to their village, which consisted of one hundred eighty motels of Flatheads and Pend Oreilles (or putting ears)117 the following we stumbled on a buying and selling celebration belonging to the Hudsons Bay Co They have been less than the path of Mr. Francis Ermatinger who used to be endeavoring to alternate each Beaver dermis as quickly as they have been taken from the water by means of the Indians. twentieth the entire Cavalcade moved “en mass” up the circulation approximately 12 Mls SW. and encamped with one other Village of an identical tribes which include one hundred thirty resorts. From this position is a big undeniable a little bit undulating extending approximately to the junction of the 3 forks of the Missouri The Flatheads are a courageous pleasant beneficiant and hospitable tribe strictly sincere with a mix of satisfaction which exalts them some distance above the impolite appellation of Savages whilst contrasted with the tribes round them. They boast of by no means injuring the whites and think about it a shame to their tribe in the event that they are usually not taken care of like brothers when in corporation with them. Larceny, Fornication, and adultery are seriously punished. Their Chiefs are obeyed with a reverence because of their station and rank. 23d We left the Village in corporation with Mr. Bridger and his celebration and travelled SE accross the apparent approximately 6 Mls. to the foot of the hills and encamped at a spring. twenty fourth Travelled approximately 18 mls SE over excessive rolling hills fantastically clothed with bunch grass – twenty fifth Travelled within the comparable path 12 Mls and encamped in a delicate valley approximately eighty Mls in circumference surrounded at the North & East through a excessive diversity of mountains on the NE 116. Named for a sought after cliff which Lewis and Clark defined as “. . . a clift of rocks one hundred fifty toes excessive Std[right] aspect known as via the Snake Indians theBeavers head . . . ” (Original Journals, Vol. VI, p. 19). 117. A tribe of the Salishan linguistic crew of which the Flatheads have been the significant tribe. magazine OF A TRAPPER — seventy one extremity is a marshy lake118about 12 Mls. in circumference from this flows the top circulation of the Jefferson fork of the Missouri which curves to the SW thro. the valley and enters the low mountain at the west thro. a slim lower nonetheless carrying on with the curve encircling a wide component to nation earlier than its arrival on the junction 26 Crossed the valley approximately sixteen Mls. and encamped at the East part. This Valley as a Mountaineer might say used to be jam-packed with Buffaloe after we entered it and big numbers of which have been killed through our hunters we many times observed symptoms of Blackfeet approximately us to waylay the Trappers.

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