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By Eric Nylund

Rounding out Tor's sequence of reissues of the unique 3 Halo novels, this newly edited and revised variation of First Strike is essential for all Halo lovers. that includes writer Eric Nylund on the helm, this story bridges the occasions that happen within the video game Halo: wrestle developed (as novelized in The Flood) and its blockbuster follow-up, Halo 2.

After destroying the 1st Halo, grasp leader and Cortana try and voyage again domestic between a myriad of lethal Covenant assaults. With a conflict weary squad, that comes with the final of the Spartan-II survivors and the program's author, Dr. Catherine Halsey, First Strike delivers an action-packed area opera advised opposed to the backdrop of 1 of the richest and most complicated technological know-how Fiction franchises of our time.

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Aye, sir. an outstanding plan. ” “Admiral,” the grasp Chief’s voice broke via in a wash of static. “Hull breach is sealed, sir. ” “Hang on, son,” Admiral Whitcomb acknowledged. “This may be a coarse trip. Cortana, provide me flank velocity now! ” “Complying,” Cortana acknowledged. “Flank velocity. Conduit is maintaining. Coming approximately to two-four-zero by means of zero-three-five. Collision with Covenant cruiser at this pace and heading in eighteen seconds. ” Ascendant Justice–Gettysburg sped up towards a line of wavering orange plasma—and steamed via it like a boat smashing via a typhoon wave at the open seas. fireplace splashed over their hulls and burned away layers of armor. the full hull superstructure groaned. Explosions reverberated during the deck. “Fire on decks 8 via twelve,” Cortana said. “We have misplaced plasma turret 5. Distance to enemy send six thousand kilometers and shutting. ” “Initiate a roll, Cortana. Make it thirty levels consistent with moment. That’ll opened up the wear and tear over extra floor quarter. ” “Roll maneuver, aye. perspective thrusters set to greatest burn. ” She exhaled, and her holographic snapshot flickered with inflammation. “This will make a concentrating on resolution tough, sir. ” “Set firing variety of plasma turrets for element blank,” the Admiral advised her. Cortana hesitated for a whole moment. “Yes, Admiral. ” the gap at the exterior cameras slowly started to spin as their send spiraled towards their meant goal. The Covenant cruiser took place to stand them. Its plasma turrets glowed like offended purple eyes. “Lieutenant, take the guns station. Cortana, provide us a firing answer and guide fireplace keep watch over. ” Haverson’s palms hurried over the Covenant holographic keep an eye on surfaces. “Cortana has a firing resolution, sir. turn on guns? ” “Stand by way of, Lieutenant. ” “They’ll get off the 1st salvo, sir,” Lieutenant Haverson acknowledged. even supposing his voice used to be calm, a drop of sweat trickled down his freckled cheek. “I desire they do,” the Admiral spoke back. “It could be the basically factor that saves us. ” Lieutenant Haverson took a deep breath, nodding. “Weapons status via, sir. ” “Cortana, make able to vent the Gettysburg’s release bay. ” “Aye, sir. Overriding bay door safeties. Distance to focus on 3 thousand kilometers. ” The Covenant cruiser fired. Lances of strength introduced and veered towards Ascendant Justice . . . and arced away in corkscrew spirals and correct angles. the distance among the 2 huge plenty was once nonetheless tangled and fractured. “Two thousand kilometers,” Cortana suggested. “Stay on course,” the Admiral acknowledged. “And proceed to carry hearth. ” Lieutenant Haverson’s jaw clenched, and his arms trembled over the controls. The enemy cruiser crammed the monitors. Its plasma turrets recycled and glowed a lifeless crimson. “One thousand kilometers,” Cortana introduced. “Admiral? ” Lieutenant Haverson requested. “Hold your fireplace. ” “Five hundred kilometers,” Cortana stated. “Three hundred . . . . . . collision impending. ” The Admiral’s fist clenched. He barked, “Fire! All turrets, fireplace! Cortana, depressurize the release bay and provides us complete energy to port.

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