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By Anders Olsson, Daniel Birnbaum

Initially released in Swedish in 1992, As a Weasel Sucks Eggs examines the enigmatic relation of melancholia to an early type of cannibalism, which psychoanalysis, specifically, under pressure. It comprises studying of, among others, Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Thomas Bernhard, Sigmund Freud, G. W. F. Hegel, and the Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelöf. The authors additionally quote Goethe and Rabelais, for whom nutrients is a cosmic precept, the soil of fertility, on which all production is predicated. In a transferred experience, foodstuff additionally performs that very same function for the melancholiac—he who questions the conventional order of items, who creates an different “unknown food,” with quite a few meanings. The authors “trace the will for this different foodstuff throughout the a long time, and scrutinize its courting to either primitive sacrificial rites in addition to modern anthropology, philosophy, and linguistic theory.”

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See S'o'dergran’s nice significance you, far-off, ascending Handskriftsavdelningen, UUB. ‘I0/1 tears the seashore“ Ferry track, but in addition within the Diwcin poems. the poem “I approximately allow us out for Ekel6f’s kind, now not easily point out during this of the ocean of Smoke” in Diwan, the place Ekelof without delay refers to the “Maelstrom of insanity. ” S6dergran’s phrases, “Stronger palms take hold of the oars on your get away” are remodeled to the next, within which the prince addresses the unknown maiden. yet You, Stranger I attempt to arrive you Row in the direction of you Like In with just one oar on the different gunwale maybe a person enhanced is pulling the fight my arms lose their grip a guy The boat is going around and around within the circles of Day and evening yet by no means do I lose my grip upon You. You will probably be my oar! ” This deal with to “you” past the horizon of the “I” of the poem is how to transcend, if to not triumph over, depression. If we go back to Perry tune the place the recent tackle through the idea within the Virgin takes form we see how Ekelof nonetheless unambiguously appears to be like as, and regards himself as, a melancholiac. We witness this in no doubtful phrases within the piece “Melancholia,” that is positioned in a fugue prior to the serious ultimate poem “Euphoria. ” In Ekelof, depression is frequently euphoric, and euphoria melancholic, whatever for which we see proof right here, a similar complicated which could already be saw in Petrarch. Ekel6f’s mysticism of vacancy strengthens the relation of euphoria and depression, making it considered one of extensive involvea — — ment and entreaty resembling in “Absentia animi. " the poem “Melancholia,” he sought after. because of his having an yet in deserted “Diwan Sjiiberg, prior romantic-modernist technique. a equilibrium. 12 earnest over the good the Prince army day trip, oflimgion. " in Selcrml l’m'm. \': Harmondsworth 1971, p. 24. For [Ekel6f's No]. an p. 258. one zero five that's (immur cninpanrimii. to fornmlallc depicted I:'lu'lu/. lmnsl we I\I|\l('l\ an new lwrr ngninsl W H Amlrn anal I rll (_)|unn, Hrlnlu ur; background of Alexander's arrival on the Indus, is over. every thing has come to a freeing mode of both/ or, to a neutralization of human hope, a neutralization of all “desert views” and all “disquiet. ” The losses of the "I" of the poem are in comparison to that of the army commander's lifeless the the bleached “bones of the various cohorts’ needs, that were mine ... ” Now, the speaker within the poem merely desires to be taken away through the boys, to waves “that divide and unite the lands left and that there's finish — skill by no means reached. ” long ago “the nice retreat” is expounded to have come to an that the trail of regression that Ekelof have been following in no — pd jorden, in for instance the poem “cosmic sleepwalkers," with its look for a cosmic mom alongside the shorelines of early life, has handed. depression acquires one other, either extra daily and ascetic which means. it really is proclaimed despatched within the Latin name ancholic beseeching on recognized is not of disillusionment.

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